Hangzhou CIEC Group Co., Ltd
Established in Oct. 1997 with registered capital of RMB 1 billion, CIEC is a state-owned company as a subsidiary of Hangzhou Steam Turbine and Power Group Co., Ltd (HTP). CIEC closely engages in the trade of various steel product from raw materials, finished products to non-ferrous metals in both domestic and international markets. After years of development, CIEC has drawn a diversified business pattern focusing on entity trade and supply chain service, supplemented with financial and investment business. By the end of 2013, CIEC entered a new stage with the reformation and establishment of CIEC Group.

There are eight business departments and twenty-one wholly-owned subsidiaries under CIEC Group. Relying on group-based management and operation layout of “highlighting steel trading, exploring new association and diversification”, CIEC has effectively achieved resources sharing and complementation of each other’s advantages. Its integration and innovation ability and comprehensive competitiveness have also been improving constantly.

Along with the development, CIEC’s brand has earned a high reputation in the international as well as domestic markets and this development has kept staying on a positive trend. In the year of 2016, CIEC Group was ranked 1st on the list of top 100 Chinese Steel Trading Company of 2016 with total sales volume of 59.15 million tons and sales revenue of RMB 68.27 billion. CIEC is steadily marching towards the goal of being a modern international and professional steel trading enterprise.

Hangzhou CIEC International Co., Ltd.

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